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French Toast

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French toast, or pain perdu ("lost bread") as the French call it, is a breakfast delicacy the merits of which reach far beyond the realm of mere sustenance.

This amazing fusion of bread and egg accomplishes what many psychiatrists charge thousands of dollars to attempt: the melding of soul and stomach leading to eventual inner peace and self-actualization1.

French toast can be created by dipping a slice of white bread in milk, and then into a mixture of egg, milk and condiments (the composition of which is open to myriad personal opinions), before frying it in a frying pan with butter instead of fat.

The versatility and potential for complete enjoyment of French toast are legendary and unmatched. Some of the most popular ways to serve French toast, and arguably, most enlightening and satisfying, are with butter and maple syrup, with powdered sugar and peanut butter, with salt and pepper, or with raspberries and whipped cream.

In addition, French toast may be used in the construction of even more complex and desirable foods, such as a bacon, lettuce, and artichoke French toast sandwich2.

Unfortunately, there are those who abuse this miracle of culinary genius. Many cafeterias and commercial food distributors attempt to lure unsuspecting eaters into their grasp by using an inedible substance consisting entirely of grease and what can only be described as battered bread. Such an atrocity is obviously intended only to torment the palates, punish the stomachs, and plunder the hopes and dreams of innocent French toast lovers everywhere.

1The acceptance of becoming obese may be a part of the process of self-actualization and inner peace.2Quoi?

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