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Originally a punk rock band, the Manic Street Preachers or Manics were formed in Wales with the express purpose of providing listeners with something that they could believe in. The sometimes wretched, always meaningful lyrics of Richey Edwards and Nicky Wire, brought to life by the energetic and convincing music of Sean Moore and James Dean Bradfield, are an inspiration to their dedicated followers. Fans like to point out that rather than boast about how many drugs they've taken, the band sing about things that matter.

Richey Edwards has now disppeared1, but onstage with the band he had a great stage presence, which more than made up for his comparative lack of skill with a guitar. Many die-hard fans emulated his extensive tattoos and scars. Since his disappearance, the band have matured musically, but still put on the same brilliant live performance.


The albums that every person should own are The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go. The Holy Bible is just packed with meaning and is Richey Edwards at his darkest - it's the most brutal of the Manics' offerings. Everything Must Go is more upbeat but is still fantastic.

For an introduction to the Manics, listen to the albums in the following order2:

  • This is My Truth, Tell Me Yours
  • Everything Must Go
  • Gold Against the Soul
  • Generation Terrorist
  • The Holy Bible
1It's been seven years since Richey Edwards disappeared and his parents have the legal right to declare him dead, but, understandably, they would rather hold on to the hope that he could still be alive somewhere.2Unless you are already a die-hard punk, in which case you should start with Generation Terrorist.

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