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Posted: 15th August 2022

The Strange and the Beautiful

Emus by Willem.

Weekly report: the world continues to be strange. The BBC has just introduced its new Disinformation Officer. We understand that her job is to combat disinformation, not disseminate it. That is reassuring, but I'd have picked another name.

The Post appears on time, no thanks to the squirrel population. We had a brief squirrel outage this week. The worker from the electric company reported, 'That squirrel didn't have a good day.' We paused for a moment of silent meditation in its memory. You've probably seen it in one of our videos.

Emus continue to be popular on the internet. In view whereof, our Willem has agreed to tell us more about these lovely birds and their fascinating lifestyle. Emus, we learn, are the only creatures who have actually won a declared war with humans. Read about the Great Emu War in this week's issue. No wonder Emmanuel chooses violence.

We have many other delights for you, which we will now introduce:

  • More About the Natural World: In addition to the Emu Wars, we let you in on what's under the waves around the Wirral peninsula. It's teeming with bizarre fish. FWR says he's not ever going paddling again. On that same peninsula, SashaQ has documented the state of the wetlands. There's some good news, and some bad. Meanwhile, in western Pennsylvania, Mrs Hoggett's lilies are towering above her head. In various parts of Europe, bees are buzzing, butterflies flitting, and sundogs appearing in the sky. The variety is pleasant to look upon, so gaze your fill.
  • Fiction: They're at it again. SashaQ stretches the concept of fanfic to the breaking point and beyond with a deconstructive mini-masterpiece, while FWR once again turns his holiday into a supernatural romp. Once we'd had The Talk about photographing the Eiffel Tower at night (a no-no) and the other editors (thanks, Tav!) had helped me locate the code-breaking orthography, we got this scary story ready for your perusal. Okay, it's scarier if you're a piece of luggage, but you're going to enjoy this one.
  • Factual Stuffz: Paigetheoracle brings us part one of another two-part book review. If you're wondering whether to buy one of those 'big books' that puts all of the world's high-type thinking into easy, bite-sized chunks, this is the sort of consumer information you need. Meanwhile, FWR is here with a tasty recipe, because horror stories are not all he brings back from his travels. I have a column in which I reminisce about science fiction writers and the past.
  • Humour: The existence of this element in the Post is sometimes called into question. Our assertion is that yes, these are the jokes, and we expect you to appreciate. Bluebottle's long-running comic series is now available to buy in graphic novel form – information on the comics page. In the meantime, he now knows that we do not say 'howdy' in the eastern US. Nobody says 'howdy' in the movie Awix is reviewing this week, either. That's because they're either Comanches, an alien, or a dog. Get the lowdown on this Predator film.
  • Cats: They are there. We leave you to find them.

Have a wonderful week. I hope your humidity is lower than ours. Remember: not every weather inconvenience is a sign of climate change, but that doesn't mean we don't still have to do something about it.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: The new James Webb telescope is amazing! here's Proxima Centauri, the star closest to the sun, 4.2 light years away

'Dear Sir, it was a joke, which was picked up and went viral, and I am sorry. This is a picture of a slice of chorizo.'

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A blue butterfly

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Emus: Victors in the
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